Kudz Footwear

Rejection To Glory

Kudzi Synos, a former NTU student, is leading the way in humanitarian footwear. The 2012 graduate raised over £2,500 pounds online during his studies at Nottingham Trent and with help from huge names like Selfridges he’s on course to have a very successful business.

KUDZ shoes use high quality materials and are carefully designed to ensure comfort but most of all a sleek style. The shoes are crafted from the best leather and suede, they also feature a simple and stylish silhouette. Perfect for completing any casual look for both guys and girls, KUDZ are currently on sale through 3 stores and The footwear comes in a range of colours and so suits everyone’s taste, they also feature increased heel support making them perfect for activities like dancing or even day to day comfort.

Client: Kudzi Synos
Date: September, 2015
Services: Web Design, UI/UX, Logo