Harssh Securities

Harssh Securities provides institutional clients and high-net-worth private clients, with advisory services and comprehensive solutions. When it comes to generating and channelizing wealth, we diagnose and endeavor to offer tailor-made advice to our clients, taking into consideration the present and future opportunities. Solutions we offer include Mutual funds, Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Commodities, Currency, Direct Equity, and Broking, All under one roof. Our Investment advice is personalized and customized to suit the clients need. We maintain a single point of contact for all our clients, which ensures privacy, promptness, and security. Today with an estimable client base we have begun a journey with an aim to convert our clients' trust into a profitable present and future with a blanket of opportunities. Our goal is to create money out of money for our client which is the true definition of wealth creation. With regular follow up, we concentrate to make sure that the client is regularly investing and growing his portfolio. You can invest, transact and see your portfolio online every day. Today there are more than 8000 listed stocks and more than 2300 funds. When there is a problem of plenty, Choice becomes the keyword. In Harssh Securities wise choice is the keyword.

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