Client Shell Solutions

In today's complex world, we are all faced with the challenge or the problem of finding the nearest possible, optimal and uniquely embraced solutions around us. Ranging from skilled to unskilled personnel who are charged with the duty of identifying and minimising the inability to identify professionals in different sectors of the economy to reduce the risk of failing to get it done! ClientShell Solutions (Technology and Apps) Limited is established to serve as an intermediary or the link which aid in scanning and help to curtail and identify the best top solution around us thereby making the world a better place. It is a knowledge base Company that helps in optimising and finding possibly solution around us thereby reducing the risk of failing to find a solution within our environment in the contemporary world! The tools used in this project to optimise this task is a web-based platform ( and a mobile app ( which shall be released soon. We, therefore, by this medium seek to bring our services to the public and the world at large to embrace our business idea.

Client: Abdulrazaq Imam
Date: August, 2016
Services: Logo Design, Branding, Brand identity